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The Churro Latte

Made with real honey, cinnamon, malt extract and Mexican vanilla, this latte will take you to Old Mexico with all the flavor and aroma of a freshly fried churro stick! It makes a great latte, hot or iced.

Green Tea Lemonade

The Green Tea Lemonade is our classic lemonade made with organic evaporated cane juice syrup and fresh squeezed lemons with a heaping scoop of our matcha green tea added to the mix. It's super refreshing and delicious. Plus, it will give you that smooth pick-me-up that only a good matcha can deliver! 

Craft Soda

"They just don't make'em like they used to!" 

Luckily, it's not true here in Lingleville. We carry some of the same sodas you had when you were a kid, in glass bottles and with pure cane sugar! We've got the classics from Big Red to Frostie and everything in-between. We've also got some flavors you may not expect. Grab a single or get a 4 pack and mix it up a bit.


Craft Beer

Can't get enough craft beer? If you're wanting to try a little something new or looking to be blown away by what a brewery can offer, we've got you! Our growing selection is changing almost constantly so you can always expect to see something new in our beer case of over 70 different names. 


Fresh Homemade pie! These pies are made with only the highest quality ingredients. They'll even impress your grandma!

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