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Your Very Own...



Coffee Shop

Here in Lingleville

we like to see things done the way they're suppose to be done. If you spend any amount of time in our community you'll see things slow down enough to notice the beauty in 'simple'. Simple. Like a hundred round bales in a hay field, a newborn calf close to his mama, a central Texas sunset lit up with all the colors the sky has to offer or a John Deer tractor driving on the highway on it's way to put in a hard days work.


While our small town doesn't have all the best shopping or cutting edge entertainment, what we do have is our community. We still meet. We still have coffee. We still talk about the weather. At the Lingleville Country Store it's the same. We have become a hub for the simple and the quality. A place you can get your morning latte and hear about how many inches of rainfall we got last night.  A place to pick up lunch with a cold brew and try to remember what that ole boy's name is.


Yes, the place to go when you need free Wifi to cram for that big exam tomorrow is the same place your great grandpa hung out when he was your age.

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